What is CNC Router?

  maintek cnc router

CNC (computer numerical control) routers are computer controlled devices designed for precise, fast and multi repetitive operations. Hence, CNC routers prevents disadvantages such as human errors (faulty workmanship), fatigue, slowing down and lack of capabilities in labor while they are offering fast and batch production in higher quality standard and lower error ratio. They provide variety in designs as well as they decrease the number of qualified workers needed. Therefore, computer controlled (CNC) devices are essential for today’s industrial methods.

CNC Routers are computer controlled processing centers having very broad area of use starting from furniture, advertising through jewelry and stone dressing industries. On these devices all soft material like MDF, plywood, plexy, aluminum, bronze, brass can be processed except stiff solids like cast iron and steel. In general they have 3 axis and approach from above to the piece in process. However, increasing axis quantity, they can increase operating surfaces by approaching pieces in process from other sides. Below there are videos of 3 axis and 4 axis CNC routers.

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