What is CNC Router?

CNC (computer numerical control) routers are computer controlled devices designed for precise, fast and multi repetitive operations. Hence, CNC routers prevents disadvantages such as human errors (faulty workmanship), fatigue, slowing down and lack of capabilities in labor while they are offering fast and batch production in higher quality standard and lower error ratio. They provide variety in designs as well as they decrease the number of qualified workers needed. Therefore, computer controlled (CNC) devices are essential for today’s industrial methods...

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Important Things to Consider While Choosing a CNC Router

CNC routers are one of the most important tools of your production facilities. Any trouble that occur in your CNC router affects your production badly. You should be careful while choosing your CNC router at the very beginning for avoiding negative effects in your production. Here are some important points;

  • The materials used in CNC router
  • The design of the CNC counter
  • Technical support and services after buy


Why should I buy a CNC router?

In fact, the advantages of computer supported production methods (CNC) are the answer for the question of why should I own a CNC router. Major values that a CNC router can add to your business are; rising production standards, increasing the speed of production and decreasing the costs of labor. If you ask: “So, is not there any disadvantage?”; of course there are. Since the CNC router are professional industrial devices, the investment costs are high. However, as the technology spreading wider today, the costs of these devices have been scaled down to an affordable level...

Prices of CNC Routers

As Maintek CNC, we categorized our products under 3 group. You can access to these product groups via links below.

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Mini Type CNC Routers
CNCs in this product group are smaller in dimension and can be easily set up on any table. Now we are offering for you prices starting from 6ooo TL

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Economic Type CNC Routersr
CNCs in this product group are convenient for operating on any type of MDF and timber products. They has step system and guaranteed firsthand devices offered for secondhand prices. Now they are available with prices starting from 25ooo TL

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Professional Type CNC Routers
CNCs in this product group are designed for large dimension works. Products in this group operates trouble-free for long working hours. They have servo systems, vacuum table and auto tool change feature. We are presenting them to you with prices starting from 65ooo TL